Popeyes Shrimp Tackle Box 2024 | Limited Time $6 Popeyes Deal

Popeyes offering again its special offer Popeyes shrimp tackle box just for $6. Yes! this is limited time offer so grab it before it ends. This Popeye deal was popular in 2023 and this is why at customer demand it is back again but now at $6.

Whether you’re a seafood lover or just want to try something crispy and crunchy food, this is best choice at reasonable price. Popeyes shrimp are juicy, crispy and crunchy becaus of its cripy coating which provides crunch at every bite.

Popeyes Shrimp Tackle Box

Popeyes Shrimp Tackle Box

This Popeyes $6 deal includes 8 pieces of golden fried shrimp, one side item of your choice, one biscuit and one dipping sauce of your choice.

This all offered at reasonable price making it affordable and delicious option for lunch and dinner but unfortunately not available in Popeyes breakfast.

Popeyes shrimp tackle offers started now again and will end at 7th June 2024. You can avail this offer with Inn-app and through online order only at some specific locations.

This is one of the best Popeyes special deal like popeyes Tuesday special, so let grab it before it ends. For order you may clicke here

Below video is about old deal which was offered in Mar 2022 but it will give you good idea or Popeyes shrimp reviews.


What is the price of Popeyes Shrimp tackle box?

Popeyes Shrimp tackle box price is only $6 excluding delivery charges.

What is included in Popeyes Shrimp Tackle box deal?

Popeyes shrimp tackle box includes 8 pieces of crispy and crunchy shrimps, one side dish of your choice, one biscuit and one sauce of your choice.

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