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From Arby’s to Taco Bell, from MacDonald’s to Starbucks, every restaurant has a secret menu that makes it mysteriously more demanding. So, is the case with Popeyes, It ought to shock no one that Popeye’s also has one too.  As Popeyes was established in 1972, and is known for their famous New Orleans-style signature chicken. Moreover, everything at Popeye’s, from their utterly delicious chicken to their biscuits, is stunning and amazing.

Therefore, it’s time to discover what Popeyes secret menu offers to its customers, so without hesitation; just dig deeper this popeyes menu with prices:

Popeyes Secret Menu

Popeyes Cajun Sparkle

Cajun Sprinkle

That is something you should definitely try in New Orleans because the magic of New Orleans-style packet of spices is unforgettable. From Popeye’s secret menu, it’s available to boost the flavor of your food by just sprinkling it. It might looks like a magic dust to you but it’s worth trying.

So, next time if you visit Popeye’s, all you got to do is to ask for some Cajun Sparkle and let it amaze the taste of the chicken tenders, chicken sandwich, red beans and rice, and green beans.

This will be available in the form of small sachets, so you might need to order more than one; otherwise you won’t be able to get the desired flavor you want.

Sweet & Spicy Red Beans and Rice

Food items from Popeye’s side menu has always been everyone’s favorite, especially when it comes to rice lovers their love for sweet and spicy red beans and rice is forever.

Therefore, if you haven’t tried the sweet and spicy red beans and rice from Popeye’ssecret menu, go give it a shot. From now on, whenever you visit Popeye’smust order it with honey packet and hot sauce to let the magic of sweet and spicy work. Add it and mix it according to your taste. This menu hack is mind-blowing for all Popeye’s lovers.

Chicken Ranch Sandwich

The reason of Popeyes fame and success is somehow their chicken and when it comes to fans they love the Popeyes chicken sandwich so much. As a popular fast-food delicacy, it is a must to try it with the famous ranch dressing.

Therefore, if you’re ordering a chicken sandwich then do ask for their delicious ranch dressing. Drizzle it all over the sandwich and believe it or not it takes it to the next level. 

Isn’t it great news for Popeye’s fans who rave about the signature chicken? Definitely, yes it’s a heavenly combination.

Naked Chicken

Popeye’s Naked Chicken, yes it’s an opportunity to have a luscious meal by cutting carbs. So, if you’re on keto or any low-carb diet, then dine out at Popeye’s because they have got you covered with their secret menu. As the term “naked” means to have it without any crispy bread coating. It’s an option to have a little change at Popeye’s because the regular one might get boring sometimes.

So, without wasting any time, do try Popeye’s naked chicken from their secret menu that is beyond amazing.

Popeye’s Cajun Gravy Fries

From kids to adults, the love for fries seems never ending, especially if you’ve tried Popeye’s Cajun fries.  These are legendry just because of the Cajun seasoning.

Popeyes Cajun Gravy Fries

Now, take a moment to think and imagine you’re having Popeyes Cajun fries drizzled with Cajun gravy, isn’t it a heavenly combo?

Well it’s time to come back to reality because this is time to know that your imagination has become a reality. Yes, Popeye’s secret menu offers a DIY Poutine where you can recreate this magical combo of Cajun gravy and Cajun fries.

Cinnamon Sugar Biscuit

DIYs are always fun, now is your turn to turn Popeye’s delicious biscuits into dessert. A dessert with full of sweetness to satisfy sugar cravings, a dessert that perfectly ends your meal; besides all of this an incredible combo to die-for, so you just have to order biscuits from Popeye’s and ask the staff to coat them in the cinnamon sugar.  After a try, it’s going to be your favorite hearty dessert.

Chicken Biscuits

popeyes biscuits

Just like lunches and dinner, Mornings at Popeye’s are refreshingly gorgeous because Popeye’s Chicken biscuit is the perfect option to start your day in Popeyes breakfast menu. Also, to make it a little more special you have to create a special combination with Popeye’s biscuits.

Use the biscuits as a base just like we use burger buns. Now you can put different items to fill your base, e.g. cheese, chicken breast. Honestly, it turns out to be delicious.

All you can say is that the credit goes to the amazing chicken biscuits that are soothingly tasty. Also, if you want your chicken biscuit sandwich to be a bit more juicy and flavorful add honey or any popeye sauce of your choice, it will become a heavenly masterpiece.


It’s time to explore Popeyes secret menu because the secret flavors are worth trying. Also, the comfort food you’ve been looking for is where Popeyes is. Hence, it’s a perfect choice to satisfy your cravings. Popeyes have also ongoing secret deals and promotions which is available at Popeye official site.


How many items are in Popeye’s secret menu?

Popeye’s secret menu has approximately eight to nine food items. Some of them are:

  • Cajun Gravy Fries
  • Blackened Ranch Chicken Sandwich
  • Cajun Sparkle
  • Cinnamon Sugar Biscuit
  • Naked Chicken
  • Sweet & Spicy Red Beans and Rice
  • Gravy Dipping Sauce
  • Chicken Biscuit
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