Popeyes Kids Meal- Perfect Choice for Kids 2024

Popeyes Kids meal have no comparison with any one. Ever had a problem with leftovers because a child couldn’t complete them? Tired of eating on their behalf every time, even while you’re on a diet?

Well, good news– Popeyes has a kids meal that caters to small children that includes a serving size that they can handle without any consequent leftovers! Popeyes meals are explicitly marketed for them, making it a big success– because every kid wants a kids’ meal.

Most children’s meals are packaged in brightly colored bags or cardboard boxes with depictions of activities on the outside and, occasionally, a plastic toy inside. So, with that out of the way, let’s see how Popeyes does its kids’ meal!

For parents, teaching kids to eat healthy and nutritious food is like fighting an uphill battle. What’s worth the struggle is keeping them away from junk food. Well, that sounds impossible. Isn’t it?

You are right it is a hard job. But, don’t worry you can choose nutritious and healthy fast food alternatives. All you have to do is to go for Popeyes Kid’s meals.

Now you might be thinking, what makes these meals any different from others?

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen is a taste sensation and their promise to provide nutritious meals to everyone in the family makes it special. So let’s not waste any time and find about Popeyes kids meal.

Popeyes Kids Meal

Popeyes Chicken always comes up with new deals. Some deals are specifically for limited location. Here we have listed their top three and most loved deals. After reading this, you can understand that Popeyes kids’ meals are a perfect choice that even beats many other kids’ meals.

Not only the beloved taste but also its nutritious value makes it exceptional. So, what are you thinking now? Don’t hesitate and Go for it.


It includes one fried chicken leg, small fries and a small drink that meets the characteristics of a healthy lunch. The fried chicken leg is overwhelmingly crispy and crunchy with a deliciously perfect golden crust. 

Then, its fries they’re so scrumptious with a delicate flavour. Plus, the good thing is it’s quite at reasonable price.


Knowing that how much kids love burgers, this deal has a crispy chicken burger, small fries and a refreshing cold drink.


The deal three comprises of 2 handmade strips, small fries, small drink & a dipping sauce. Handmade chicken strips are so flavorful that makes this deal absolutely holy.

Popeyes Kids Meal – Kids Menu

In short, Popeyes features three different menu items for children. Additionally, the meal includes a regular side and a kids’ drink.

Tender – Mild1 Pc$3.39
Leg – Mild1 Pc$3.39
Nuggets4 Pc$3.39

Kids Chicken Tender Meal

This meal includes a mild tender with your choice of dipping sauce, as well as a regular side and a small drink. The crust is perfectly crisp, and the chicken on the inside is white, juicy, and has a thick texture overall.

This deal certainly is the perfect meal for a kid to munch on and feel full.

Kids Chicken Leg Meal

Besides the mild leg, this meal comes with a standard signature side, and a small drink. Popeyes’ chicken is marinated in Louisiana seasonings before being hand-battered and deep-fried on-site.

The chicken holds up well and is decadent– it’s so tender and juicy. Popeyes chicken leg can also be called Popeyes drumstick because the terms are often used interchangeably.

Kids Chicken Nugget Meal

In addition to the 4 pc chicken nuggets, this meal comes with your choice of dipping sauce, a regular side, and a small drink. These chicken nuggets are bite-sized pieces of chicken breast that have been battered and breaded before being deep-fried.

The breading has a nice crunch and is thicker than the tenders. However, they’re just as delicious.

Overall, Popeyes kid meals have some pretty great options on their menu. A kid will surely have their eye on it from the get-go. Moreover, it’s a great serving size that they can definitely finish up without leaving any leftovers.

In fact, they might have it finished within just minutes, which is what makes the kids’ meal so great.

Popeyes Kids Toy

A Popeyes child meal comes in a small box, but there is one issue; Toys may not be available in all locations, but it’s not a major issue. The lack thereof may come as a surprise, but the delicious food more than compensates.

The child may even forget about the toy because they are too preoccupied with eating. Of course, it’s a different story in the location it is available in, but hey, a meal is a meal! When Popeyes does give away toys, it’s usually little figurines or collectables.

Chicken Sauces

In addition, Popeyes offers a variety of sauces that you can your tenders, chicken piece, or nuggets into, and as a heads up– all of them are absolutely delicious.

Bayou Buffalo

Firstly, this sauce combines cayenne pepper hot sauce, butter, celery, and Cajun seasonings.


Secondly, this is a sweet and tangy BBQ sauce with molasses, spices, and a hint of smokiness.

Sweet Heat

Thirdly, this sauce is a sweet honey dipping sauce that has been spiced up with Louisiana hot sauce, vinegar, and a unique pepper blend.

Mardi Gras Mustard

Fourthly, this sauce is a sweetened version of the classic Creole mustard dipping sauce.


Fifthly, this dip is a traditional buttermilk ranch dressing.

Blackened Ranch

Lastly, this dip is a traditional buttermilk ranch dressing with onion, garlic, a pepper blend, and seasonings.

Popeyes Kids Meal Nutrition


Firstly, this is the nutrition fact of the chicken tenders, size portion 1.

Total CaloriesCalories from fatSaturated FatSodiumCarbsProtein
153 cal57 g3 g607 mg12 g13 g

Chicken Leg

Secondly, this is the nutrition fact of the chicken leg, size portion 1.

Total CaloriesCalories from fatSaturated FatSodiumCarbsProtein
160 cal80 g4 mg460 mg5 g14 g


Lastly, this is the nutrition fact of the chicken nuggets, size portion 4. This is the favorite item of kids at Popeyes.

Total CaloriesCalories from fatSaturated FatSodiumCarbsProtein
150 cal80 g4 g230 mg10 g7 g

Above all, the most significant part of the kids’ meal is that they’re all low in calories. Evidently, one meal isn’t unhealthy to consume, so one can eat without any trouble!


Subsequently, some parents worry about whether or not the kids’ meal is compatible with their kids’ diet. Some children have allergies that make it impossible to enjoy things, so here is a list of things that it contains so you know if it safe for kids to eat:


  • Egg
  • Milk
  • Wheat
  • MSG

Chicken leg

  • Egg
  • Milk
  • Wheat
  • MSG


  • Egg
  • Milk
  • Wheat
  • Soybean
  • MSG

Undoubtedly, these put any worries at ease! Furthermore, you may check popeyes allergen menu.

The Bottom Line

In short, the kids’ meal is an excellent option to go for a fussy child who you know can’t eat a full meal. Additionally, they get a toy as a bonus. Furthermore, opting for a smaller meal will satisfy both you and the kid’s stomach!

Popeyes has it all. With our delicious menu, fresh chicken and sides cooked just how we like them best (sometimes even at this very moment!), there’s no better place than here!

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