Popeyes Fish Sandwich 2023 | WoW Cajun Flounder Sandwich Back

Popeyes fish Sandwiches have been a favourable option for everyone with tasty fillings and toppings for your bread, wraps, baps and buns. Especially, with toppings that can make any sandwich unique. However when it comes to Popeyes, Sandwiches are more than just a bite-sized snack, they’re an experience.

Thus, if you want to have a healthy and tasty lunch, then try Popeyes mind-blowing sandwiches to satiate your hunger. Moreover, these sandwiches goes perfect for an evening time snack because of their taste and quality. It will be in your favorite food items like Popeyes fish menu.

At Popeyes, with tasty fillings and toppings for the bun, there is something special in their sandwiches that people craves. Keeping in view, everyone’s love for sandwiches Popeyes Louisiana kitchen invented a new sandwich meeting all the high expectations of their customers.

Everyone knows, almost every sandwich at Popeyes is made with their toasted Brioche bun that makes it flavour rich and worthy. So now you might be curious what sort of flavour they have introduced this time?

So, the wait is over! It’s good news for fish lovers. Because this time Popeyes fish sandwich is going to win your hearts with its incredible taste. However, the actual name of this finger-licking sandwich is not Popeyes fish sandwich. Instead, it is named based upon the type of fish used in the sandwich.

So, yes, it’s Popeyes Cajun Flounder Sandwich, an actual departure from their typical chicken offerings. The Sandwich is an exotic fusion of taste and quality. Here in this article, the attributes of the Popeyes Cajun Flounder sandwich is going to rock your mind:

Popeyes Fish Sandwich

The Popularity of Popeyes Cajun Flounder Sandwich

With a flavour that is reminiscent of the south, Cajun flair flounder sandwiches are popular all over. You must try in your next trip to Popeyes store.
The dish’s aroma when it cooks up fills your nose with notes like fried onions and creamed celery mixed together just enough so you know there’s something special happening inside those ingredients but not too much where they cover up whatever may come next.

This makes for an interesting balance between flavours in every bite of the sandwich! With the help of many surveys its confirmed that customers were too excited at the launch of this amazing combination of fish filled sandwiches.

It feels like adding happiness to the life of seafood lovers. Moreover, it has also been an update for chicken sandwich lovers because now they can have something different and tasty at Popeyes.

Whenever Popeyes Chicken has launched any new food item, they were so sure about its popularity. Similar is the case with Popeyes Cajun flounder sandwich, and everyone at Popeyes is so confident and sure that their customers will love it. Moreover, in the beginning, they also offered sandwich insurance on placing every order. 

The insurance was more like a happiness package available for only 15 cents. That means if after a few bites from the Cajun-spiced fish filet you feel like you don’t like it, you can trade it in for a chicken sandwich free.

What Lies inside the Cajun Flounder Sandwich?

As always, Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen has used a toasted brioche bun with a buttery shine on the top.  It plays a main role in making the sandwich flavour-rich and nutritious.  Now you might be wondering, what makes the inside of the sandwich so wanted?

The Sauce & Pickles

Cajun flounder sandwich tastes slightly flaky as it comes with a smear of tartar sauce that is its basic requirement.  Popeyes got the hit by adding a handful of pickles to this fish sandwich, unlike most fish sandwiches.

Everyone who loves Popeyes food knows that how delicious and mouth-watering their chicken’s sandwich is when barrel-aged pickles are added.  The combination of tartar sauce and pickles acts as a good counter to the fish’s fatty flavor and the fried breading’s greasiness.

The Fish

The innocuous fish that Popeyes has been using is flounder fish that is a mild, crowd-pleasing dish; it’s not too moist or oily. What is so special about flounder is that it is delicate and flakes amazingly, which is necessary for your taste buds to get a pleasant sandwich-eating experience at Popeyes.

In addition, the other flavors are its best attributes to make the Cajun flounder sandwich unique.

It is very obvious that how everything at Popeyes tastes heavenly gorgeous because their focus on even minor details as well as providing the best quality ingredients. While making the flounder sandwich, they prefer to add a bunch of spicy Cajun sauce into the breading that is so well seasoned.

Your taste buds can analyze it with a consistent level of spices and flavor in every bite to get the juicy and crunchy taste at a time.

Taste of Popeyes Cajun Flounder Sandwich

No words to express the luscious taste of the flounder sandwich that is a treat to your taste buds. You can say the use of flounder gives a mild and flaky texture. Especially, the Cajun seasoning has won hearts by giving a complete flavor to the sandwich. It might be a little spicy for mild-mannered palettes but they can demand more while placing the order.

The crunchiness and crispy texture of the flounder sandwich come with a crispy coating. After reaching the center of the sandwich, you can expect the filet’s shell to breaks down and becomes slightly mushy. Although, the toasted brioche bun with buttery shine, thick, zippy pickles and the tartar sauce packs add a creamy and citrusy tangy flavor.

Popeyes Flounder Sandwich Calories

According to an estimate, there are total 380 Popeyes flounder sandwich calories. However, most calories of fish sandwich Popeyes calories come from fat (45%) and carbohydrates (39%).

Additional information:

Serving Size3 pieces
Calories From Fat170

 Nutritional Information

Carbs       37 g
Dietary Fiber  — g
Sugar — g
Fat   25 g25 g
Saturated      — g
Polyunsaturated    — g
Monounsaturated   — g
Trans — g
Protein    16 g
Sodium1650 mg
Cholesterol40 mg
Vitamin A–%
Vitamin C–%

Popeyes Fish Sandwich Price

Popeyes Louisiana kitchen new sandwich consists of a Cajun-seasoned flounder filet that gets breaded in crispy coating and fried to get the crunchy texture. It’s served on a buttery toasted brioche bun with the tartar sauce, barrel cured pickles only for $4.49.

The Takeaway

The Popeyes flounder sandwich will be available at Popeyes restaurants and for delivery nationwide for $4.49, which is a little expensive than its chicken sandwich.

It can be seen that how this new item has won over millions of foodie’s hearts in Chicago, so I think you can give it a try and let yourself be aware of this gift for taste buds.

Popeyes Cajun Flounder Sandwich Review


Is the Popeyes fish sandwich good?

Popeyes Flounder sandwich is heavenly gorgeous as well as It’s delicate and flakes nicely. All of this goes to the only happiness of eating a good sandwich that is full of flavours, buttery goodness of brioche bun and incredible Popeyes Cajun seasonings.

Is flounder a Good Fish to Eat?

Flounder fish is known to be the best fish that is healthy and delicious leaner fish. According to some studies, they reduce the risk of heart disease that proves how good it is.

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