Popeyes Fish Menu 2023 – Yummy and Crispy Fish

Popeyes fish menu is a great tasty addition to Popeyes menu, and the fact that the chain has released a new fish sandwich is something to look forward to. What’s more interesting is that there is a variety of dishes that contains fish. Without giving a second thought, Popeyes fish sandwich is the safest option to go for.

Moreover, Popeyes fish menu is full of delicious items and it’s guaranteed that you will not regret the fish menu and it might be possible that it becomes your favourite. That is why, we said that this is the perfect healthy fish for your good health.

Popeye’s caters to all your fish needs. Give them a call and order the favoured favourites or explore what they have on their menu! The Popeyes Fish menu is a delicious way to get your daily dose of omega 3’s and other healthy fats at reasonable price.

Other than the taste, what grabs customers attention is the nutritional value of the fish menu that is perfectly beneficial for health. Popeyes also offering special deals for its fish menu. As well as you can enjoy other food item along with fish at reasonable price. You should never miss at any cost!

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Popeyes Fish Menu with Price

Here’s what we’ve all been waiting for; the Popeyes fish menu. Popeyes sells the following fish-related items.

1/4 lb Popcorn ShrimpDinner$5.49
1/4 lb Popcorn ShrimpCombo$6.99
Cajun FishDinner$5.99
Cajun FishCombo$7.49
Cajun Surf & Turf Combo (Lmt Time)6 Pc$6.49
Cajun Surf & Turf, Platter (Lmt Time)6 Pc$8.39
Fish & Popcorn ShrimpDinner$6.49
Fish & Popcorn ShrimpCombo$7.99
Seafood Po Boy (Fish or Shrimp)Dinner$5.49
Seafood Po Boy (Fish or Shrimp)Combo$6.99
Spicy Garlic Butterfly Shrimp, Combo (Lmt Time)8 Pc$6.49
Spicy Garlic Butterfly Shrimp, Dinner (Lmt Time)8 Pc$4.99
Spicy Garlic Butterfly Shrimp, Platter (Lmt Time)8 Pc$8.39
Cajun Flounder Sandwich (Lmt time)Dinner$4.50

Popeyes Cajun Fish Sandwich

Following the resounding success of their chicken sandwich, Popeyes is back with another new sandwich, but this time, involving fish. Last year, Popeyes tested the new item in Chicago and received predominantly positive feedback.

If this new popeyes fish sandwich is a success, Popeyes may make it a permanent addition to the menu.

Hence, it is proved that when it comes to serving any food item at Popeyes Louisiana kitchen, it involves the full package of taste, quality, and their infinite love for customers.

In short, the Cajun flounder sandwiches are now available in stores. The Cajun-spiced fish filet is served with tartar sauce and sliced pickles on the same buttery brioche bun as the fried chicken.

Furthermore, if you really think that you can’t risk tasting anything new at Popeyes; no worries at all because Popeyes has a solution to every need of their customers. Similarly, if anyone who is unsure whether or not they will enjoy the Popeyes fish sandwich can add Sandwich Insurance to their order for an additional 15 cents.

That means if you don’t like it after a couple of bites, you can exchange it for a free chicken sandwich. Isn’t it amazing?

Popeyes Fish Po Boy

Every addition to Popeyes fish menu is overwhelming because every time they add new flavours is to bring joy and happiness to food lovers. Similarly, the non-chicken sandwiches are to bring excitement in the taste; especially for fish lovers. You should never miss it!

The Cajun Flounder Sandwich is not the chain’s first non-chicken sandwich offering since shrimp Po Boy made an appearance on the menu. However, it is their first attempt at a fish filet.

The shrimp Po Boy comes with plenty of soft bread, lettuce, pickle, sauce, and fried shrimp. Additionally, It has just the right amount of heat.

Popeyes Seafood Po Boy is kind of like a substitute from its discontinued chicken counterpart, though it’s just as delicious in taste.

Popeyes Fish PO Boy Menu

1/4 lb Popcorn Shrimp: When you bite into the popcorn shrimp, they are tender, juicy, and perfectly spiced with that trademark crunch.

Cajun Fish: Popeyes Cajun Fish price is reasonable as it features a whole-filet whitefish seasoned with a blend of Louisiana spices and fried in a Southern-style crumb breading. Talk about delicious food.

The Cajun Surf & Turf combos: This deal combines shrimp and chicken with four butterfly shrimps, two handcrafted tenders, one regular side, a biscuit, and two dipping sauces.

Fish and Popcorn Shrimp: This is also a combination meal, including cajun fish and popcorn shrimp. Popeyes fish and shrimp is a great deal.

Seafood Po Boy: Why is this called a Po boy? It comes from “poor boy” and was abridged to “po-boy” because hungry strikers were referred to as such.

Popeyes Butterfly Shrimp: The new shrimp deal features eight pieces of golden fried shrimps covered in the chain’s signature breading and Cajun spices.

Cajun Flounder Sandwich: Compared to other fast-food chain fish meals, this new fast-food fish Cajun Flounder sandwich is much more flavorful and substantial.

Just Fish Menu

Looking for nothing but fish to feast on, disregarding shrimp and all the extra bits? Here’s the menu that features just fish and nothing else.

Cajun FishDinner$5.99
Cajun FishCombo$7.49
Cajun Flounder Sandwich (Limited Time)Dinner$4.49

Popeyes Fish and Chips Menu

All seafood items are available in combos, which means that you can get a side, a biscuit, and a drink. If you get fries (chips) as a side to any fish item, there you have your fish and chips. To reiterate, here are combos you can go for the following:

Cajun FishCombo$7.49
Fish & Popcorn ShrimpCombo$7.99
Seafood Po Boy (Fish or Shrimp)Combo$6.99
Price may vary depending upon location.

At this point, it may as well be called Popeyes seafood restaurant because of all the different options you can get. Just imagine Popeye fishing.


Is a fried fish sandwich healthy?

Although a fish sandwich is abundant in calories, it contains omega-3 nutrients, essential for consumption. However,  Popeyes fried fish negatively affects its ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acids, making it relatively unhealthy to consume.

Does Popeyes Chicken have fish?

Popeyes has a whole fish menu, so the answer is a resounding yes. Popeyes chicken does, in fact, have fish.

How many calories is Popeyes fish sandwich?

Popeyes fish sandwich contains 670 calories.

How many calories are in a Cajun fish from Popeyes?

The simple cajun fish filet contains 380 calories.

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