Popeyes Daily Specials 2024 | Popeyes Tuesday Special

Popeyes is always all the rage when it comes to Popeyes Daily Specials. But what about their daily specials or Popeyes tuesday special? They’ve got something for everyone at everyday! In today’s world, people like to celebrate every milestone of their life.

However, Celebrations vary from individual to individual; for some, it’s just about cutting a piece of cake, while for others, it could be spending time with family, dining together, etc. We have updated the whole specials information to help you out more.

Still, we realized that dining out after the pandemic of covid-19 has started to feel like a special occasion. So, in that case, if you’re looking for fun and a night out with your loved ones? Popeyes restaurant is a taste sensation you should choose, and as a result, it is guaranteed that you would never be disappointed because of special deals.

So as it is obvious and we know that dining out feels more like an event, so that the same old menu won’t work anymore. It becomes something sought out for a unique and happy experience. At Popeyes daily specials, the menu features different weekly chicken deals, special offers available when placing your first order, and some offer valid for Popeyes Canada.

Although, every day at Popeyes feels special with their delicious menu, however there are days when you will get your favorite food at a discounted price. Everyone knows that Popeyes Louisiana chicken is all about their chicken, either it could be a chicken family meal to chicken tender; everything is beyond tasty.

tuesday special

Popeyes Daily Specials Menu with Price

To know what does Popeyes special menu; let’s dig a little deeper into the details of its delicious menu and here you can find Popeyes daily specials with prices.

Popeyes Monday Special

As we all know that Monday really needs a kick start, So Popeyes has got some really fun items for its lovers. These are:

3 PC Tenders (Tenders Only)

Spicy 300 Cals
Mild 320 Cals

Popeyes Tuesday Special

Popeyes has a Tuesday special where customers can purchase a 3-piece chicken tenders combo for a discounted price. The combo includes the chicken tenders, a side, and a biscuit.

This special offer is available at participating locations on Tuesdays and may vary by location. It is a great deal for those looking to enjoy Popeyes’ delicious chicken tenders at a lower cost.

Tuesdays at Popeyes are real enjoyment because Popeyes Tuesday’s special is something their customers really crave throughout the week. Thus, in Popeyes Tuesday deal has juicy and fried chicken that is:

2 PC Chicken (Leg & Thigh)

Spicy 480 Cals
Mild 450 Cals

Popeyes Tuesday special is a favorite for many people. The food, drinks and atmosphere are all winners in my book!
I love when it’s time to treat myself with some chicken piece because who doesn’t need an excuse? Tuesday special you can get both for less money than it would take to buy one item from their menu!

The Popeye’s is known for its affordable meals, and Popeyes specials Tuesday’s night are no exception. On Tuesdays you can get two pieces of dark meat chicken at only $1.14 per piece!

If white meat isn’t your thing though there’s always a promotion going on that might suit what kind of taste preference you have in mind – just take a look. Its all about the juiceness and crispy chicken pieces that makes tuesdays exciting.

Popeyes Wednesday Special

After such a good start of week days, why not have something even tastier on Wednesday’s? Don’t worry Popeyes has Wednesday special for its customers as well. It has:

9 PC Nuggets

360 Cals

Popeyes wednesday special is second most awaited offer for the food lovers. Like tuesday special, now popeyes Wednesday special is also gaining popularity among customers.

Popeyes Thursday Special

Every day at Popeyes is special because the food items quality and taste are exceptional. On Thursdays the fun consists of:

3 PC Chicken (Leg, Wing and Thigh)

Spicy 630 Cals
Mild 570 Cals

Popeyes Friday Special

Fridays are almost the end of the weekend; to end your weekend let your tongue taste something delicious and amazing at Popeyes. The Friday’s has:

Cajun Poutine

830 Cals

Popeyes Saturday Special

Weekend is here, so why not have something luscious to add happiness into your moments. Go and grab Popeyes Saturday specials that has:

5 Wings (Wingettes and Drumettes)

440 Cals

Popeyes Sunday Special

Popeyes Sunday Specials

Sunday’s are called fun days and there is no point of having without good food. Get Popeyes Sunday’s special that are full of love

2 Chicken Minis 

530 Cals

Popeyes Special Chicken Deals Throughout The Week

Popeyes Restaurant always loves to provide their customers delicious and budget-friendly deals. However, some options are valid for a limited time only and for specific locations. To check out their latest deals, their official website is a great help.

Signature Chicken Combo Deal (2-Pc) $7

Signature Chicken Combo Deal
Popeyes Daily Speacials

Addicted to the signature warming kick of Popeyes’ fried Chicken to satiate your hunger? Probably guessed yes as fried Chicken is often a go-to entrée that can even satisfy even the pickiest of eaters with its juicy, tender, and rich flavor. So, a 2-pc signature chicken combo deal is perfect choice for an individual.

However, there are other mouth-watering juicy and crispy signature chicken combo deals fit for different sizes of families as well crowd-pleasers. Here are some of the deals:

Signature chicken combo deals

Popeyes Chicken Family dealFries+ drink10-Pc$19.99
Classic Bone Chicken Free on placing order above $10————–2-PcOrder above $10
Signature Chicken comboMashed potatoes+  Drink2-Pc$7
Fried Chicken Note: Only valid for mobile ordersBiscuit3-Pc$3.99
Popeyes Chicken Family meal—————14-Pc$24.99

New Cajun Crispy Shrimp and Cajun Crispy Shrimp Surf & Turf Meal

This meal is seasonal as it is only available in winters. Basically it is the combination of:

New Cajun Crispy Shrimp: It includes 8 Pieces of butterfly shrimp with Biscuits and 1 side dish.

Cajun Crispy Shrimp Surf And Turf: Consists of two Popeyes Iconic chicken tenders with biscuit and 4Cajun crispy shrimp.

Popeyes Chicken Double Sandwich Combo with Sandwiches, Sides & More- $18

When you’re starving for a warm, filling sandwich, you can really sink your teeth into this skillet Popeyes Chicken Double Sandwich that comes with a value-packed spread including 2 Chicken Sandwiches, 2 Regular Sides of your choice, 2 of Popeyes’ signature Biscuits and 2 Small Drinks.

Cajun Flounder Sandwich at Popeyes Chicken

After introducing this sandwich, Popeyes has changed the fast food sandwich landscape forever.The sandwich is one of the Popeyes chicken special comprises of crispy Flounder Fish Fillet,slices of barrel cured pickles, creamy tartar sauce and a toasted brioche bun Also, it is 100% guaranteed once a bite will be taken, you will feel like your mouth is blessed with a heavenly bite.

You may also check detailed Popeye breakfast menu for best deal.

Get a Free Chicken Sandwich with Your First in-app-$10

Have you ever wondered that you can order something from Popeyes at discount while sitting at home?
Well, the good news is Popeyes chicken Mobile app has now made everything easier and convenient. Moreover, by placing the first order, you can get a free classic or crispy chicken sandwich.

So, let’s not wait anymore and get yourself the pleasure of good food without any difficulty.

In addition, you can choose any special ingredient for your meal or at the same time you can also exclude any ingredient you want. Hence, it is up to your choice, whatever you want.

No need to worry if you have allergy, you may check a complete list of popeyes allergen menu to enjoy your meal without any doubt.

New Chocolate Beignets Land

Popeyes Louisiana Chicken has now introduced new chocolate beignets across the nation.Typically, they are fried pastries stuffed with Hershey’s chocolate and sprinkled with powdered sugar. You can get these delicious beignets for:

  • Three Chocolate Beignets- $1.99
  • Six Chocolate Beignets- $3.99
  • Twelve Chocolate Beignets- $7.49

Popeyes $5 Box Deal

The best deals at Popeyes are the $5 2-piece chicken dinners, which include two pieces of signature chicken, biscuit and a regular side.

Popeyes $20 Meal Deal

In this, two meal deals are available, the 10 piece family meal + 2 large sides and 5 biscuits. And 14 Tender Family Meal with 2 large sides and 5 biscuits.

$12 Tenders For 2

This combo suits for minimum 2 people, which includes 6 tenders + 2 Regular sides and 2 biscuits for only $12.

Popeyes family special today

If you’re searching for irresistible dining options, look no further than Popeyes Family Specials today. Our exclusive menu features a delightful array of options, including our famous crispy fried chicken and delectable seafood, all designed to satisfy your cravings and bring families together. With generous portions and unbeatable value, Popeyes Family Specials today offer an exceptional dining experience that won’t break the bank.

Join us today to savor the taste of our mouthwatering specials and create cherished moments with your loved ones. Discover the best deals on Popeyes Family Specials today and treat your family to a truly memorable meal.

4 Sandwiches Meal-$19.99

Popeyes chicken is always known as a place where new sandwiches are introduced according to demand. Similarly, Popeyes four sandwich meal brings some of the best crispy and crunchy spicy sandwiches with fries and Popeyes home-style biscuits.

Big Family Feast-$33

This is a complete meal to serve; dessert makes it the yummiest meal. It comprises of 8 pieces of Popeyes exclusive Chicken, 3 Chicken Sandwiches, a Large Side, 3 Biscuits and 3 Apple Pies.

Bigger Family Feast-$60

Perfect for a large crew and includes 12 pieces of Signature Chicken, 5 Chicken Sandwiches, 2 Large Sides of your choice, 5 freshly baked Biscuits and 5 Apple Pies.

Shrimp Tackle Box for $6 with Inn-app

This is a great news that Popeyes bringing back Crispy Shrimp tackle back at only $6 price. This is ilimited deal and offer available at few locations.

Shrimp tackle box at $6 price comes up with 8 pieces of crispy fried and cajun-seasoned shrimp, one fluffy biscuit and a regular side dish of your choice.

Popeyes Tuesday Specials 2024 [Updated]

Popeyes Tuesday Specials

What is the reason that differentiates Popeyes from all other restaurants? The best, crispiest, best flavored chicken of Popeyes is what makes it special. Especially, everyone who visits Popeyes chicken special Tuesdays consider yourself very lucky because you are going to have Popeyes Tuesday specials.

On Tuesdays, consider yourself fortunate because this day is the most awaited for its customers as there are offers on you can get two pieces of dark meat chicken, one thigh and one leg. However, if you are a meat lover, then they have white meat of which you can get one breast and one wing that costs $3.49.

This is why we say that Popeyes tuesday deal have everything in it.

Popeyes Canada Daily Specials Deals 2022

We know that Popeyes chicken is spread almost all over world and so in Canada. According to the statistics of June 17, 2021, it has 259 locations in Canada. However Ontario is the province with 208 locations that is probably 80% of all locations.

To fulfill your cravings, Popeyes chicken will be the most suitable to tantalize your taste buds. Moreover, you can get the following Popeyes Canada daily deals – Popeyes Daily Specials:

  • Monday: 3 Pcs Tenders at only $4.99
  • Tuesday: 2 Pcs Chicken (Leg and Thigh) at only $3.49
  • Wednesday: 9 Pcs Nuggets at only $4.99
  • Thursday: 3 Pcs Chicken (Leg,Wing and Thigh) at only $5.49
  • Friday: Cajun Poutine at only $3.99
  • Saturday: 5 Wings (Wingettes and Drumettes) at only $5.49
  • Sunday: 2 Pcs Chicken Minis at only $4.29
DaysSpecial OfferCaloriesPrice
Monday3 PC TendersSpicy flavored-300
Mild Flavoured-320
Tuesday2 PC Chicken (Leg & Thigh)Spicy Flavored- 480
Mild Flavored- 450
Wednesday9 PC Nuggets360 calories$4.99
Thursday3 PC Chicken (Leg, Wing and Thigh)Spicy Flavored- 630
Mild Flavored- 570
FridayCajun Poutine830 Calories$3.99
Saturday5 Wings (Wingettes and Drumettes)440 Calories$5.49
Sunday2 Chicken Minis 530 Calories$4.29

Popeyes Daily Speacials Popeyes Promotion

Popeyes Promotion

Popeyes chicken is exclusively known for its promos. Whenever they offer a new deal or introduce any new item, they use the marketing tool of Popeyes Promotion where their customers can easily get the latest updated information. Thus, if you want updates on Popeyes Daily deals visit their website or use their app to get the accurate information.

Also, it is quite clear that Popeyes really prioritize customer preference over anything else; promos to update customers are one big example.

Also, the customer reviews are really positive and satisfactory that proves Popeyes is one of those food places that are not compromising their quality and taste.

Popeyes Coupons deals

At Popeyes Louisiana chicken, there is a good chance that you’ll be able to get coupons for discounts on many deals. It also happens sometimes where these special offers only apply at specific locations and may have expired by now!

Further, no logon is needed to use the coupon in restaurant. On the other hand, login is necessary to order online.

The Takeaway:

Popeyes is a restaurant known for its chicken and sandwiches. It has something new to offer every day of the week, so you can enjoy your favorite Louisiana meal at any time!

In this article, we have listed all the Popeyes special deals. If you’re looking for a good meal, stop by here. Why not try their specialties? You will find them all waiting in front of the menu with prices without giving it much thought-so don’t worry about coming up short on cash because everything is affordable!


What is Popeyes Tuesday special?

On Tuesday, you can get two pieces of meat chicken at discounted price (leg and thigh) only $3.49. This is why it is called Popeyes Tuesday Specials.

Does Popeyes still have the Tuesday Special?

Yes, Popeyes have Tuesday special with chicken at discounted price.

How many calories are in Popeyes tuesday specials?

There are 480 calories in Spicy flavor and 450 calories in Mild flavor.

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