Popeyes Biscuit 2024 – Specials with Calories Information

Popeyes biscuit are a Southern classic made with straightforward ingredients – so simple that you can make them at home. Since their introduction in 1983, the Popeyes buttermilk biscuits have been the restaurants’ staple due to their instant success.

If you’re craving something sweet, these biscuits will hit the spot. They can be served as an afternoon snack with tea or eaten at breakfast time to start off your day right!

Some people eat them plain, while others opt to wait until they’re drenched in gravy or red beans. In short, a Popeyes biscuit can be eaten any way you’d like! Many people have the perception that you can’t go to Popeyes without getting a biscuit; It’s almost like an unspoken custom. Frankly, it is something to uphold!

Why Popeyes Biscuit are so good?

popeyes biscuits

Popeyes Biscuit has a buttery, crisp and flaky crust on the outside and a soft, pillowy crumb on the inside. Although it’s a little salty from the butter, it is still delicious.

People adore these biscuits, and due to this, there are hundreds of imitation recipes available online. Unlike the competition, Popeyes’ biscuits melt in your mouth. These biscuits turn out perfectly soft and flaky on the inside every time you eat.

On the first bite, it has a rich feel that is very decadent. It has a great density to it as well, especially considering the flaky layers that would make anyone’s mouth water. This is why Popeyes biscuit are so good. Popeyes biscuits are heavenly gorgeous and you will know this with every single bite.

The imitation recipes don’t have anything on the real deal, however. Despite that, people still put in the effort. Here is a secret: Use cold butter and cold buttermilk, so the biscuits retain that signature crust and texture.

Additionally, don’t over mix the dough. That is all, though! Wouldn’t it be easier to hop on over to Popeyes and grab yourself a delicious biscuit?

Moreover it has been noticed that people are curious to know behind the secret recipe. Well, no one is completely aware of the buttery and flaky Popeyes biscuits but with every bite you will feel the taste of sugar, butter, buttermilk mixed with flour giving out a super cool sweet buttery flavor.

Popeyes Biscuit Calories

For 1 portion, Popeyes biscuit calories information includes:

Total CaloriesCalories from fatSaturated FatSodiumCarbsProtein
207 cal115g6g435 mg20g3g

Also, keep in mind that these nutrition facts are for the biscuits only. If you add in extra things such as jam or green beans, then that’s something else in itself.

However, these biscuits are generally okay to consume in considerable amounts because they don’t have that many calories! Pretty awesome, isn’t it?


Worried about whether or not the biscuit is compatible with your diet? Some people have allergies that make it impossible to enjoy things, so here is a list of things that it contains so you know if it’s safe to eat:

  • Milk
  • Wheat
  • Soybean

On the other hand, Popeyes biscuit does NOT contain any of the following:

  • Eggs
  • Peanuts
  • Tree Nuts
  • MSG

Of course, if things are safe for you to consume, then that’s great! But, amazingly, This biscuit is probably the only thing on the menu that is safe for most to consume— unless you’re lactose intolerant.

Popeyes Biscuit Price

Evidently, the biscuits are cheap, and you can get them for a great deal! Here is the cost of the biscuit.

Biscuit1 pc$0.79
Biscuit6 pc$3.99
Biscuit12 pc$6.99

It is one of the cheapest items on the menu, so adding one to your order isn’t going to cost you too much. In fact, you wouldn’t even notice it on the bill.

Popeyes’ biscuits are a deliciously different take on the classic treat.
Clad in some of America’s favorite flavors like chicken and bacon, they’re perfect for tailgating or when you just can’t make up your mind about what food Choice is!

The Bottom Line

The point is, Popeyes biscuits are a staple item and should be consumed by all, particularly Popeye chicken and biscuits. The two are an incredible combo that is a necessity in everybody’s order. So, don’t forget to add the biscuit as a side the next time you order!


How many calories are in a Popeyes biscuit?

One Popeye biscuit contains 207 calories. So, it isn’t particularly unhealthy, nor is it healthy either.

Are Popeyes biscuits frozen?

Yes, Popeye’s biscuits are indeed stored in the freezer for up to 6 weeks. Usually, they are wrapped in a freezer bag before they are frozen, so they don’t go bad.

Are Popeyes biscuits fried?

The biscuits are not fried; instead, they are baked. Undoubtedly, the time in the oven is what gives them their flaky appearance and soft inside.

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